Speaking Engagement & Events

As a UX designer, and a board member with AIGA Kansas City, I have had multiple opportunities to present about the UX field, my job and my design process. Here you can access some of the resources I’ve created for these various events.

Landing Your First UX Job

Getting your foot in the door of the UX industry can be difficult. I planned and hosted this event with AIGA KC to help advise young designers and anyone hoping to transition into UX.

KCAI UX Class Presentation

In early 2020, I was invited to present about my work at Nukshuk and my design process to the KCAI class on UX design.

colLABORATORY: lunch and learn

I collaborated with AIGA KC and designers at Orion (Omaha) and Crema (Kansas City) to host this event about collaboration in design using software tools such as Figma.