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My Transfer Source is a sublimation printing company that has been around since 1999. The owner was wanting a full service website that would remove a large workload off of himself. This meant that the website needed to allow customers to access of the products online, automatically apply bulk discounts without contacting the company, calculate exact shipping costs based on the owner’s preexisting logarithms and allow customers to upload their files for printing. Though the website is still under construction, once it goes live, the owner will be able to focus on expanding his business rather than constantly replying to emails. Results will include better Google ratings, faster turnaround times for printing and shipping, and a far stronger workflow.

Customized Interface for Pre-Print Testing

For the client, it was important that his customers would be able to upload their artwork and see what it would look like prior to printing. Because the sublimation process transfers dye to the fabric rather than printing over the fabric, the result is an image that is essentially multiplied. In addition, since cotton does not accept the dye like polyester does, we needed to allow customers to see how the final product would look on their exact cotton/poly blend.

Using CSS blend modes, jQuery and JavaScript, I was able to create a simulator that will allow the client’s customers to do just that.

To see how your artwork will look on your t-shirt, choose your t-shirt color using the t-shirt icon, then upload your artwork using the upload icon. The artwork will appear in the large preview box. Use the slider to select your fabric blend (cotton fibers do not accept sublimation dyes, so the image will appear faded on poly/cotton blends). Use the toggle switch to turn off the previewer and see your original artwork.

Accepted file type: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP

OFF (normal) ON (tshirt)

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