Project Meta:

Client: Flory Design (Prime TMS)
Creative Director: Trent Flory, Flory Design

Better Treatment for Depression and Mood Disorders

Prime TMS is a Lawrence, Kansas-based company providing deep TMS treatment for depression and other mood disorders including bipolar and PTSD. Deep TMS is an FDA-approved treatment for mental health and is covered by most insurance companies. Studies have shown that the revolutionary deep TMS treatment is up to 80% effective in treating depression. Prime TMS is passionate about making TMS available to as many people as possible.

Project Goals

The old Prime TMS website was crowded with information, much of it very technical and unintelligible to the average viewer. This made the site difficult to navigate and bombarded users with an information overload. Simplifying the site was the client’s primary goal. However, we were also asked to present a site audit with feedback and additional suggestions for improving the website and brand as a complete unit.

Brand & Website Audit

While the complete audit contained multiple pages of observations and suggestions, primary concerns can be divided into three categories: incoherent branding, poor copywriting and complicated site navigation.


Original brand standards used white text over light gradients, making content illegible for people with impaired vision. In addition, the existing color palette seemed discordant, as some shades were bright and others were more pastel.


Some of the copy on the site had a negative or frightening tone. For a company focused on mental health, we wanted to ensure that the audience would feel comfortable as they got information about the business and the treatment.


The site’s primary menu bar included so many items that it forced the logo into an odd position. This many choices also made it difficult to know where to click to get needed information. Internally, there was little to no navigation between pages on the site.

Former Palette

Updated Palette

Brand Gradients

Brand Update

Updates to the brand included modifying the logo such that the line weight of the icon matched with the weight of the logo font. I also slightly modified the font to make it more legible at small sizes. In addition, I updated the color palette, not wanting to completely change their brand, but rather give it a fresh and cohesive look. Additionally, I ensured that all colors would meet accessibility guidelines when paired with the dark blue.

Former Logo

Updated Logo

Illustration & Iconography

To promote a sense of calm and happiness, I pulled from the illustration used in the former brand and developed additional illustrations as well as a set of icons for use on the site. I included outlines in the brand standards guide for developing additional visual elements.

Website Update

For the website, we started by rethinking the sitemap and menu, determining the easiest way to navigate the site while still presenting all the needed information about Prime TMS and the deep TMS technology and treatment. From there, we developed sitemaps and mockups of the homepage that aligned with the new brand standards. As I worked on the site, I optimized all the copy to ensure a positive and reassuring tone.